Ketoplex MCT8X

Ketoplex MCT8X

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Keto MCT8x helps promote ketosis, the body’s fat burning state. Unlike carbs, which promote fat storage, ketones provide clean energy that can’t be stored as fat.

  • A super fat that metabolizes into ketones 8x faster than other fats, such as plain coconut oil
  • Delivers instant body and mind clean energy fuel
  • MCT Oil powder prebiotic soluble fiber feeds your body’s good flora and keeps you regular
  • Keto essential minerals including vitamin D3, which can be depleted during ketosis
  • Caprylic acid increase ketones and boosts weight loss
  • Uses ethically sourced, traceable, non-GMO coconut oil

How to Use

  • In the morning: For higher mental energy and focus
  • Between meals: To promote ketosis and fat metabolism
  • After a carb meal: To kick you back into ketosis
  • As a delicious creamer: Add it to your morning coffee or tea
  • In shakes and smoothies: To convert them into keto shakes
  • Before exercise: For instant muscle and brain fuel with no crash