Keto Jet MCT8

Keto Jet MCT8

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The purest MCT oil in the world

  • Fast acting ketogenic superfat
  • Provides 99% of the most ketogenic MCT found in nature
  • Extracted in Germany using the highest quality non-GMO project verified coconuts
  • Can be used in many recipes, including Fat Bombs, bullet-proof coffee, and as an addition to salad
  • Increases energy
  • Makes the beginning states of intermittent fasting easier by taking away the hunger pains

How to Use 

  • In the morning: For higher mental energy and focus
  • Between meals: To promote ketosis and fat metabolism
  • After a carb meal: To kick you back into ketosis
  • As a delicious creamer: Add it to your morning coffee or tea
  • In shakes and smoothies: To convert them into keto shakes
  • Before exercise: For instant muscle and brain fuel with no crash