The “keto flu” is a possible side effect of starting the keto diet. Some symptoms include headaches, lethargy, and dizziness – similar things you might feel with the flu. This can be avoided by including Ketocuts in your daily routine, which helps your body adapt to ketosis quickly. It’ll even help you avoid conditions like ‘keto breath’ and other unwanted side effects.

Macros is short form for macronutrients: proteins, carbs and fats.On the keto diet, you want your body to burn fat as a form of energy, not carbs. It’s important to include all three macros, however – just in different percentages. Monitoring your macros is an important part of the keto plan, and on the back of each Ketoplex product, you’ll see all the macros listed for your convenience.

Using the Ketojet MCT Oil, you can make tasty little treats that will help curb your hunger. High in healthy fat and using the purest form of MCT oil, they’ll keep you in ketosis longer than if you just used plain coconut oil. If you’re intermittently fasting, having a fat bomb with your coffee will help you feel full longer, and will also increase your metabolism. Click here for a recipe using Ketojet.

Net carbs is your total carb count minus your fiber intake.

Using our Ketoread ketone strips will get you an accurate reading within 15 seconds